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Body Butters//lotion bars//butter scrubs


Made with all natural products and scented with essential oils only, these products love your skin.  We have a few standard scents that are our customer faves and you can find a description of them below.  We also allow for you to create your own scent blend!  Choose from 10 essential oils that you'll find at check out.  We are not medical professionals but we do encourage you to research the benefits of essential oils.  Click on the pictures above for details!  


We will customize your butter blend to be sure that it is safe.

Customer Faves

These are available as a whipped shea butter, whipped mango butter and as a lotion bar.

Cinnamon Clove - Think warm, cozy, and slightly spicy.  Our guys tend to like this one.

The Glamazon-Hints of geranium, lemon, grapefruit, bergamot and other bright scents, this is a summer favorite, but you can wear it all year long.

Happy Pill - Bergamot, lavender and lemon make this a cousin to our The Glamazon scent but it has more of a citrus flair.

Lavender - Light and fresh, this one is one of our most popular.

Lemongrass- Think bright and citrus-y with a kick. 

Natural- You'll get a hint of cocoa butter with this one.

Unscented- Great for those with a sensitive nose palette